Executive Team

Alexey Amorim da Hora

CEO Chief Executive Officer

Alexey is a founder of 4bears, has 15 years experience in the technology market. He worked in multinationals like IBM and EMC2 and is responsible for the overall strategy of the company in marketing and sales. It is also responsible for the strategic relationship with national and global partners.

Elder Rocha P. Vicente

COO Chief Operation Officer

Elder is one of the founders of 4bears and has 30 years of experience in the technology market. Engineer software development and various interests in services and complex projects, Elder is responsible for coordinating the entire operation of 4bears areas of software development and services company.

Roberto Pacheco

CIO Chief Information Officer

Roberto has 14 years of experience in Information Technology and is extremely knowledgeable about the IBM z/OS environment, has extensive knowledge of the internal structure, control blocks and programming High Level Assembler, C, PL/I, ISPF, among others. He is responsible for defining strategies for development hearing the market and also coordinates pre-sales at the company.

Luiz Gazola de Souza

Distinghised Enginner

Luiz has 30 years experience working in various operating system platforms such as MVS mainframes, Unix, OS/2, VMS and Windows. He has high knowledge of application development, programming, low-level, multi-threaded, client/server, services/daemons, communication, transactions, tuning and high-performance. Expert on parallel systems. He is the lead engineer of the lab software development.