NIMS Technology

NIMS - Non Intrusive Mainframe Software

Monitoring and administration of the mainframe environment has grown along with the business. Cost of capturing log events is increasing, making it unviable by the amount of data. The software for governance and monitoring grows along with the production, and their costs, linked to the size of the machine (MIPS or MSUs), cause the administration to increase investment in processing power.

With the need for BIG DATA, mainframe event logs need to be captured in real time for analytics and trend analysis. The creation of a historical online database of event is needed. With that 4bears developed the concept of non-intrusive software for mainframe, giving customers the ability to gather logs 24x7 and having years of historical data online, available for trend and predictive analysis.

It was aiming to use fewer machine resources for administration and to achieve the collection of all event information log that 4bears developed the NIMS technology.

NIMS Architecture

NIMS - Dino Messaging - Real Time      Batch Collector - File Transfer

- It makes no I/O;
- Minimum CPU usage;
- Minimum impact on the environment Production;
- Concept of "managing out-of-the-box", runs on open system platform;
- Uses own messaging software and extractors;