CICS Explorer

CICS Performance Measurement and Transaction History

CICS Explorer enables the analysis and historical accounting of all CICS transactions, structure all the information on a historical database and provide many information counters. Uses the SMF record 110 as a source.



- New approach for collecting the CICS log (real time);
- Intercepts SMF 110 exit-time;
- You can discard the SMF 110 record after use (eliminates I/O operations);
- Data in Mainframe memory only (not uses datasets);
- Does not require any other product;
- Generate Mobile CPU Consumption CSV files to be loaded into IBM Mobile Workload Reporting Tool (MWRT tool).


01º No impact on the mainframe workload;
02º Historical information on the use of CICS;
03º Source to charge-back based on business rules and installation patterns;
04º SQL Filters and groups for clustering and correlation of information.


See average, maximun, minimun, standard deviation and a selected field to compare.

Investigate a problem by drilling-down from the moment to discover what transactions and what counters was causing the occurs.

Watch the variation of the CICS transactions along de hours of the day.

See a detailed presentation in a PDF format.
PDF | 975 Kb


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