CPU Explorer

Mainframe Capacity Planning

The CPU Explorer compiles all the program, jobs and step counters executions historically in a database and provide many views using the SMF 30 and its subtype (accounting) and the RMF 70.1 (CPU activity) as source.


SMF 30 subtypes 1 to 6

  • Executed information of Jobs and programs;
  • Information of identification of the executed services;
  • For consumption and values of unit of service;
  • For time and duration of execution;
  • For groups and users of RACF;
  • For information and totals of I/O;
  • For number of I/O' s for volume of record;
  • For program termination (JCLerror, Normal, Abends);
  • For totals generated in these processings.
  • CPU charts

RMF 70.1

  • Software MSU's
  • 4hour rolling MSU's
  • Summaries per CEC, LPAR, SYSPLEX and total installation

See a detailed presentation in a PDF format.
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