DASD Explorer

Storage Administration and Performance

Search storage disk subsystems information, vendor-independent, saves this information in historical views of topology and capacity. Uses DCOLLECT comands.


Config Explorer

    DASD configuration discovery
  • Drawing the configuration in many ways, from logical or physical views.

DASD - Cache Activity

    Activity inside the storage array
  • Response times
  • Random and sequential access, cache hits
  • Includes replication activity (PPRC and XDC)

Storage Group - Performance

  • Stacked charts: MB/s, IOPS, BE IOPS
  • Response time vs IOPS

IOPS vs Response time

  • IO activity per hour of day: average, minimum, maximum and STDEV
  • And average response time

Cache operations

    Cache operations:
  • %random read hits and %random read misses
  • %random writes
  • %%sequential reads and %sequential writes

See a detailed presentation in a PDF format.
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