DB2 Explorer

Performance Measurement and Transaction History for DB2

DB2 Explorer uses the information collected in the SMF records type 101 and subtype 0 (DB2 accounting) for DB2 events. It keeps track of your DB2 accesses from CICS, IMS transactions and Open platform access (DRDA). The various counters come in real time and provide view information such as:

  • Response times and CPU times;
  • Wait times for I/O, Locks, and stored procedures;
  • Buffer pool activity;
  • Counts by SQL verb: SELECT, INSERT, DELETE;
  • Number of rows affected;
  • DB2 applications resource consumption;
  • DB2 product consumption;
  • And many other counters, all in real-time, with minimal mainframe impact.

  • Views

    DB2 Explorer main menu

    DB2 statistics grouped by source (CICS, IMS, Open platform, Batch jobs, etc.)

    Averages by CICS region

    Access from DRDA (open platform)
    Summarizing the source of queries:
  • IP Address
  • User ID
  • Program Name
  • Etc.

  • DB2 Wait times

    DB2 buffer pool activity
    Analyze buffer utilization, hit ratios, etc.

    And much more
    More than 90 metrics per DB2 transaction