Mainframe Log for Big Data

Mainframe SMF Log Warehouse

The objective is to build a complete mainframe SMF log database environment for Governance and Analytics. The Dino Explorer software brings the possibility of collecting SMF logs in real time, on a fully automated and highly efficiently way with cost reduction. Fully based on the open system platform, the solution uses its own extractors and messaging system in a non-intrusive way of collecting and consolidating all necessary mainframe log records;


The Power of Mainframe Log Records

The SMF records generated in the mainframe environment are a powerful source of data that can be worked and transformed into very important strategic business information. In large mainframe operations, these files are among the largest data generators and often have been collected and stored over the years in various ways, sometimes without consolidation processes and being mostly available offline in the environment. The fact is that the records should be extracted with the lowest possible impact on the mainframe resources. Today the SMF data are an extremely important source for BIG DATA.


01º Maintaining a database of mainframe services;
02º Meets regulatory requirements such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley);
03º Do not spend resources;
04º Scale to billions of records;
05º Provides an 360 degrees overview of the mainframe environment;
06º Standardize processes to collect SMF records;
07º Serves disciplines of governance;
08º Generation of important information for BIG DATA analytics;