Migration Services

4bears migration services involve methodology, tools and skilled professionals. Our commitment and goal in the migration is the system service level, we take care that the same service level could be achieved in the new target technology.

Rewrite X Migration

Many migration projects become failures because the option of reengineering (software factory) and redesign of applications. These are noble goals but many times ending up imposing complicated solutions, it is a matter of timing and priorities. In our experience the strategy should first perform the migration in a modernized platform and them go for reengineering. We do not advise for a radical transformation of the environment because it requires a complete transformation of organizational culture. Moreover, the project timing of reengineering can become dramatic to achieve the main purpose of modernizing the platform.

Migration Services characteristics

- Full service migration (conversion, testing, approval, deployment and maintenance);
- Semi-automated migration code;
- Data Migration preserving the logic of current systems;
- Screens migrated to HTML pages;
- Users with the same interface after conversion using the same format in a Web browser;
- Client is not dependent on vendor or tool to continue its development.

Migration Services characteristics